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The Durango Acupuncture Alliance is a group of independent, licensed acupuncturists, who have joined together in service to the community, offering our skills and the many benefits of Chinese medicine

Our intention is to support the healing process for individuals experiencing any stress or unresolved trauma in their lives. We assist our community through simple acupuncture treatments, providing a supportive and healing environment.

we are here to help!


alliance members


Adam Hutchison

Adam Hutchison is a classically trained acupuncturist and holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. He is passionate about finding the best solutions for his patients and is committed to their daily health and wellness. Adam helps manage and coordinate the Durango Acupuncture Alliance and is the SW Division Regional Coordinator for the Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps. Adam practices a form of acupuncture that incorporates Cranial Osteopathic techniques with Chinese medicine. He also specializes in Chinese herbal medicine, Shiatsu massage, pediatric treatments, as well as complex chronic diseases. He facilitates transformational healing through compassionate and individualized treatments.   Groundswell Acupuncture 801 Florida Road, Suite 11 | Durango, CO Ph: 970-335-8554

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Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan graduated from the Oriental Medical Institute, Honolulu Hawaii, in 1991, then did a post graduate internship at Heilionjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China. She began her study of Natural Medicine in 1974 when she attended The Greenvale Herbal College, BC Canada and has been in private practice for 45 years. Vanessa also holds a degree from The British Institute of Homeopathy. Her unique approach combines Chinese and European Biological Medicine. She draws from many modalities to help committed individuals to reach and maintain optimum health and well-being. www.selfhealcenter.com 


Carla Marie Toth

Carla Marie received her Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Santa Barbara College or Oriental Medicine.  Prior to finding her passion in this field, she earned her BS in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology from San Diego State University.  She uses a correlation between the scientific theories of Ecology and the healing art of Oriental Medicine – seeing the body similar to an ecosystem with the energy channels and organs as micro-systems – getting the whole system into balance to build and maintain health.  Carla Marie introduced Community Acupuncture to Durango, Colorado when she came across a website introducing it to the mainstream and thought “This is what Durango really needs.” Durango Community Acupuncture Riverfront Center | 128 W. 14th Street | Durango, CO 81301 Ph: 970-247-8838

David Konikowski

David Konikowski

David Konikowski is a Chinese medicine provider pursuing private practice in Durango, Colorado.  He specializes in using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help his patients achieve optimal health and wellness.  The motto of his business practice is “Restoring Health, Improving Function” and this guides his carefully designed, individualized treatment approach. Wellspring Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 2530 Colorado Ave | Suite 2A | Durango, CO 81301 Ph: 970-382-0321

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Christl Giggenbach

Christl is a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM with a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. Christl has been a licensed acupuncturist in Colorado since 2002.  Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Christl completed a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and worked for 18 years as a psychotherapist. Christl Giggenbach Acupuncture 635 E. 5th Ave | Durango, CO 81301 Ph: 970-946-9553


Molly Gibson

Molly Gibson attended the University of Vermont where she received her B.A. in Psychology. Her introduction there to Western herbology culminated later with the year she spent teaching English in China to ultimately change the direction of her path as a healer. In Spring of 2015, Molly graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with her Masters of Science in TCM. Soon after, she found her home in the mountains of Durango. She quickly became involved with the Durango Acupuncture Alliance and was before long brought on to work as a Chinese medicine practitioner at Namaste Health Center. No matter how big or small your health concern may seem to you, your wellness is her passion. Molly’s goal is to help you live well, and live fully. Namaste Health Center 1800 E. 3rd. Avenue, Suite 112, Durango, CO 81301 | (970) 247-2043


Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheriday

Kelly Sheridan is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. She is passionate about helping people uncover root causes for health concerns and reversing chronic illness naturally. She skillfully combines acupuncture with research-based nutrition, supplement protocols, and lifestyle strategies to help people restore health, happiness, and vitality to their lives.Kelly’s treatments focus on getting to the root of a condition and healing from that place outward; her intention is to help her clients move forward truly free from what has been holding them back in life. Kelly is particularly inspired to work with individuals who have experienced trauma and those who are committed to the process of preventing disease and reclaiming wellness in their lives.


our story

In 2012, the Durango Acupuncture Alliance began our first community service project, The Durango Veterans Acupuncture Clinic.  Then, in 2016 we moved to a new location and opened the clinic not only to veterans, but to the general community – those suffering from stress, or any unresolved trauma.

The Durango Acupuncture Alliance is a group of independent, licensed acupuncturists, who have joined together in service to the community, offering our skills and the many benefits of Chinese medicine. This clinic is dedicated to offering community style acupuncture treatments for those in need. Our intention is to provide individuals access to healing in a supportive environment.

We hope to interrupt the cycle of unresolved trauma, and to assist in the process of recovery from the impact of traumatic events.

Community style acupuncture is a simple, effective, low cost modality that offers immediate and effective treatment to large numbers of people. We are part of a network of over 35 other volunteer, donation based clinics nationwide.

Since the clinic began in September 2012, we have provided more than 1500 treatments to our community.

From information gathered from our after treatment surveys (just under 100 collected) more than half reported the treatments helped to reduce their level of stress.

Other ways in which the treatment helped was with sleep, anxiety, depression, nightmares, headache, anger, and coping with day to day life as well as fatigue, pain, hearing and improved mental clarity.

One of the most common remarks from participants is how good it felt to have someone care for them.

The model that we use for our program was established in Albuquerque, NM by the organization Acupuncturists Without Borders. Through its volunteer network, AWB has been able to provide immediate and long term relief and recovery to communities in crisis resulting from disaster and human conflict all over the world. They have offered treatment to people after hurricane Katrina, tornadoes in Joplin, Mo., the California and Colorado wildfires, shootings in Arizona and Colorado, the earthquake in Haiti, and so many more traumatic events. For more information about AWB please visit www.acwb.info